• Case Presentation: Transoral Thyroidectomy

  • Diagnosis and Pathologic Aspects of High Grade and Poorly Differentiated and Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma

  • Optimizing Parathyroid Surgery

  • Overview of the Diagnosis and Early Management of Thyroid Cancer: Early signs of aggressive disease

  • Ultrasound Demonstration with Patient Volunteers: The Stations of the Neck

  • Ultrasound Demonstration with Patient Volunteers: Post-Thyroidectomy Lymph Node Evaluation

  • Ultrasound Demonstration with Patient Volunteers: Viral Thyroiditis

  • The Management of the Medullary Thyroid Cancer Patient

  • Proton Therapy for Low-­Grade Gliomas

  • New Aspects of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors

  • Approved: Sorafenib and Lenvatinib for the Treatment of Progressive, RAI-­Refractory DTC

  • Maximal Tolerated Dose I­-131 Therapy for Advanced Thyroid Cancer and Determination of Iodine Refractory Disease

  • Surgery for Advanced and Recurrent Differentiated Thyroid Cancer

  • The Use of Molecular Testing in Thyroid Biopsy

  • Targeting Improved Survival in Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer: Basic, Translational, and Therapeutic Innovations Originating at Mayo Clinic

  • Homestead Hospital Realizará un Webcast de Cirugía de Tiroides

  • Surgical Removal of the Thyroid Gland